We need a new Act of Union


Yesterday morning in London, Kez called for a new Act of Union to save the UK. You can watch the full speech below, or read the speech by clicking here.

Kez fought to keep the UK together in 2014. The UK provides the redistribution of wealth that defines our entire Labour movement, and provides protection for Scotland’s public finances and our public services.

But there is no escaping the fact that this summer's Brexit vote has unleashed constitutional politics again.

Ruth Davidson and Theresa May’s Brexit has given the Nationalists the excuse they need to push for another independence referendum.

Instead of being pulled apart by SNP and Tory nationalism,  we need to be talking more about how we work together.

Most Scots want to remain in the UK, with a close relationship with Europe. Scottish Labour is the only party that backs that. The Tories want Scotland in the UK and out of Europe, and the SNP wants Scotland in the EU, but out of the UK.

That is why the UK should follow where Scotland led, and convene a People’s Constitutional Convention for the whole of the UK and for this to produce a new Act of Union.

Kez will be laying out in the coming days how you, your local party and community can join and develop this debate, but in the meantime, please spread the word by sharing this speech on Twitter and Facebook