Tom Watson and Kezia Dugdale joined Edinburgh Labour council candidates to discuss our vision for Edinburgh. 

We are clear. Edinburgh does not want, and does not need another referendum. Another referendum won’t improve our schools or hospitals. Years of more division won’t lift a single child out of poverty or grow our city’s economy. Edinburgh Labour is focussed on protecting public services and improving our city for everyone who lives here, because together we’re stronger. 

The SNP have cut £150 million from Edinburgh’s public services since 2012, with another £27.1 million of cuts to come this year. Edinburgh deserves better.

Our vision for Edinburgh means protecting services like education and care for the elderly, and resources like libraries and parks. While the Tories and SNP are focused on dividing our city with constitutional wrangling, we want to invest in supporting small businesses, creating jobs and improving public transport. We should focus on building a fairer, stronger and wealthier Edinburgh.

Only Labour has a vision for moving Edinburgh forward, and only Labour Councillors will put our city first.

Watch Tom's message to Edinburgh members, and Kez and Andrew discussing why it's so important to elect Labour Councillors this May:

Read our full vision for Edinburgh here.