The SNP’s budget was today labelled a ‘shambles’, after the Nationalists had to issue revised funding figures to councils across Scotland.

The news comes as the impartial experts at the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) published a damning new budget briefing, confirming SNP cuts of £327million to local services like schools and social care. 

On Thursday the SNP advised individual councils of their budget allocations. Over the weekend, the SNP had to contact councils again to confirm that the original revenue allocation figures were wrong and provided revised numbers.

For example, on Thursday, Aberdeen City Council’s revenue allocation was £319.8million. That has now been cut to £317.6million. Edinburgh City Council was originally allocated £699.4million, but that has now been cut to £691.5million. The overall funding allocation to local authorities across Scotland hasn’t changed since Thursday.

The experts at SPICe also criticised the SNP's accounting, noting that Nationalist ministers aren't using the most up to date figures.

Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Alex Rowley said:

“The SNP’s budget has now become a total shambles. It’s bad enough that SNP ministers are cutting £327million from local services, but to have to correct their own figures to individual councils within a few days is farcical.

“If the UK government had acted as incompetently when allocating funding to Holyrood the Nationalists would have cried betrayal.

“This incompetence from the SNP isn’t just a minor embarrassment. It has an impact on the ability of councils to fund our schools, invest in social care and provide support for those most in need.

“The fact is that the SNP is cutting money to councils. Labour will not vote for a budget that cuts valued public services like schools and social care. The question people have to ask themselves is why would the SNP?”