The NHS is Labour’s proudest achievement, but after 10 years of SNP control our NHS is in distress with £1.6 billion cut from GP funding and 1 in 4 practices short of doctors. 

  • In February 2015 the SNP promised to abolish delayed discharge. Since then NHS Lothian has lost 177,042 bed days to delayed discharge - that's weeks, and sometimes months, that patients were stuck in hospital instead of being in their own home - often because there wasn't a social care package in place.
  • 1,202 operations have been cancelled in NHS Lothian for 'capacity or non-clinical reasons'.
  • There are 155 unfilled vacancies for nurses and midwives in the Lothians, vacancies that can't be filled because between 2009 and 2012, when Nicola Sturgeon was Health Secretary, training places for for nurses and midwives were cut by a fifth and 2,000 nursing jobs were cut. The SNP have mismanaged workforce planning in our NHS and as a result only a third of NHS staff believe that there are enough of them to do their job properly.

Labour would do things differently. We would end the sticking plaster solutions of the SNP and use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to invest and stop the cuts.

We will fight every day to protect our NHS: it is in our DNA. But we need you to use your voice - this is our National Health Service, together we can ensure it's fit for the future.


After 10 years of SNP mismanagement our NHS is in distress. Labour would use the powers of the Scottish Parliament stop the the cuts to local services.

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