Our Union is Worth Fighting For


Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale will this week deliver a major speech on the future of the UK, in which she will say our Union is worth fighting for.

Kez will set out the way forward for the UK after the Brexit vote, how we deal with the major economic and political changes that our country is confronting, and what this means for Scotland and the UK constitution.

The Tories’ Brexit gamble has ‘reopened the fresh divides of the independence referendum’ and put the Union at risk once again.

Speaking ahead of Wednesday’s speech to the IPPR in London, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said: “Politics driven by nationalism and identity has now taken its place firmly in the mainstream of all UK politics.

“The Tories’ Brexit gamble has not paid off. And for Scotland, it has reopened the fresh divides of the independence referendum. The Tories – whether Ruth Davidson or Theresa May – cannot for a moment pretend that they have not put the Union at risk, when their party has stoked nationalism in England and, with Brexit, provided Nicola Sturgeon with the excuse she needed to reopen the constitutional debate.

“As we heard first-hand in Alex Salmond’s interview on the BBC's Sunday Politics Scotland, the SNP thrives on ‘constitutional crisis’.

“More than ever, we have two governing parties in Scotland that are out of step with what the majority of people in Scotland want.

“The Tories want Scotland in the UK and out of Europe, and the SNP wants Scotland in the EU, but out of the UK. Continuing to pull our country in each of these directions risks breaking the Union once and for all.

“Our Union is worth fighting for. Only Scottish Labour can stand up for what the majority of Scots want – maintaining our relationship with Europe and securing our place in the United Kingdom.”