Edinburgh’s £400 million Growth Challenge


The Local Development Plan (LDP), which was recently adopted by the Council’s, identified that we need to build 29,510 new houses by 2024 to accommodate the city’s expected growth.

Nearly a half  of these new houses will be affordable to ensure that the city continues to have a mixed population and workers on lower incomes are not forced to live outside Edinburgh. The Action Plan that accompanies the Local Development Plan states that it will cost £400 million to provide the infrastructure to meet this housing growth.

New primary and secondary schools, medical centres, roads and green spaces will needed to be constructed in order to support the new houses and the growing population. Providing and financing such requirements present a major challenge.

While the economic benefits of growth are to be welcomed - particularly the extra jobs. The council cannot be expected to find that level of funding without seriously damaging services it provides.  

It is expected that the house building industry will make a substantial contribution and there is an expectation that Transport Scotland, the Health Board and the Government will also accept a share. 

Growth is welcome but the Labour Group  are determined that it should not be at the cost of council services and all the agencies involves including the Scottish Government should support the council and help fund the infrastructure.