Edinburgh's Universities and EU Nationals Deserve Answers


Edinburgh Southern MSP and Scottish Labour Education spokesperson Daniel Johnson has called for clarity from the SNP over the status of EU nationals applying to Scottish universities. 

According to official figures, of the 56,000 students enrolled in higher education in Edinburgh almost 7,000 - more than 10% - are EU nationals.

Under current EU rules, EU nationals applying to universities in Scotland have their funding paid for by the Scottish Government.
With applications open for the 2016/17 academic year there is no clarity of who would pay for students if EU students are re-designated as international students, who have to pay their own fees.

Speaking at the Education committee today, Andrea Nolan of Universities Scotland said that they had requested an early statement over the future of EU nationals at Scottish universities but had not received an answer from the SNP.

Labour has called for the SNP Government to clarify the status of EU national applicants this year for their whole degree.
Scottish Labour Education spokesperson Daniel Johnson said:
“The decision of the UK to vote to leave the EU will mean significant uncertainty. The Tories are telling us Brexit means Brexit – but they can’t tell us what that means.
“That isn’t an excuse for the SNP Government to drag their heels on their own responsibilities and give a degree of certainty to the institutions and organisations which they are responsible for.
“Universities want a clear answer on the future of EU nationals but nothing has been forthcoming from the SNP government in Edinburgh.
“Nicola Sturgeon has plenty to say about what guarantees others should give in the wake of the referendum.  She needs to do that now for Scotland’s universities.”