Conference in historic vote for federalism

Scottish Labour Conference today backed federalism in a historic vote. Party members and trade unionists voted in favour of the establishment of a People's Constitutional Convention, following calls by Kezia Dugdale for a federal UK and a new Act of Union. The successful vote is the culmination of months of work by Kezia Dugdale. Scottish Labour believes our country is deeply divided, and the motion passed today states ‘we believe that together we’re stronger’. Continue reading


In Edinburgh we want to reduce our waste, reuse and recycle. One of Labour’s top priorities is to keep our city clean. Not just the city Centre but in all our communities. This Labour-led Council has plans, taken action and implemented a Waste and Cleansing Improvement Plan. This has seen an overall reduction in missed collections, as well as an increase in the percentage of street cleansing enquiries addressed within the timescale. Continue reading

An Election To Decide The Future Of Public Services

Scottish Labour today launched its vision for local government, calling for an overhaul of the tax system to rescue the country’s public services.As the party fired the starting gun for the council elections, deputy leader Alex Rowley said today’s generation of Scots have the chance to ‘shape the provision and future of care services’ and the chance to ‘give young people a better future’.He called for a debate about ‘the kind of society we want, the kind of public services we want, and the kind of Scotland we all want to live in’. Continue reading

Strategic Plan Will Help Us Build For The Future

  Edinburgh is a hugely successful city which is expected to grow by about ten per cent in the next decade.The Capital also continues to be the most prosperous UK city outside London and the percentage of our workforce with a degree level qualification or equivalent is higher than any other major UK city.While it is important that Edinburgh and its economy continue to grow, we need to plan carefully and strategically for this change to ensure that we retain and enhance Edinburgh’s built and natural assets for future generations. Continue reading

The ‘worst revenue settlement since devolution’

Derek Mackay’s ‘shambolic’ Budget today continues to unravel with a series of damning revelations: Analysis reveals the SNP has cut enterprise budgets by more than 40 per cent since 2009/10. Mr Mackay has admitted in a letter that councils could slash funding for integrated health and social care boards by up to £80million. The leader of the Labour/SNP coalition in Edinburgh has branded the Budget the ‘worst revenue settlement since devolution’. Continue reading


The SNP’s budget was today labelled a ‘shambles’, after the Nationalists had to issue revised funding figures to councils across Scotland.The news comes as the impartial experts at the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) published a damning new budget briefing, confirming SNP cuts of £327million to local services like schools and social care.  Continue reading

Affordable Homes For All

For the last five years, as part of the Capital Coalition, Labour has taken the lead in Housing for the city. This has been a challenging time with Edinburgh’s population projected to increase at a greater rate than the Scottish average; these pressures are set to intensify. But in spite of all these challenges, Edinburgh Labour has a proud record of housing delivery.   With housing costs in the private sector continuing to rise and home ownership harder for many would-be first time buyers, there is a growing need for more affordable housing in the city. Edinburgh Labour has led the response to this by increasing the Council-led house building programme from 3,000 to 8,000 homes.  Continue reading

We need a new Act of Union

Yesterday morning in London, Kez called for a new Act of Union to save the UK. You can watch the full speech below, or read the speech by clicking here.Kez fought to keep the UK together in 2014. The UK provides the redistribution of wealth that defines our entire Labour movement, and provides protection for Scotland’s public finances and our public services.But there is no escaping the fact that this summer's Brexit vote has unleashed constitutional politics again. Continue reading

Our Union is Worth Fighting For

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale will this week deliver a major speech on the future of the UK, in which she will say our Union is worth fighting for. Kez will set out the way forward for the UK after the Brexit vote, how we deal with the major economic and political changes that our country is confronting, and what this means for Scotland and the UK constitution. Continue reading

Kezia Dugdale backs Small Business Saturday

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale today praised the contribution of Scotland’s small firms ahead of this year’s Small Business Saturday.Kez encouraged Scots to ‘shop small’ and celebrate the contribution of entrepreneurs and family firms this weekend. Continue reading