17 Feb 2012

Stay informed, keep in touch, get involved

It's 75 days until the local elections in Scotland.

Edinburgh Labour's 23 candidates, contesting every ward in the city, were all selected and in place more than 6 months in advance of the election, and have been actively campaigning since the autumn. As ever, this means teams of candidates and volunteers have been out on the doorsteps across the city, from the Meadows to Drumbrae, from Broughton to Gilmerton and from Corstorphine to Leith, as well as being on the phones and staffing campaign stalls across the city.

But we've also been taking the campaign online. As well as this website, where you'll find all the background info, manifesto detail, lists of candidates, dates for your diary and links to further information that you could possibly want, we're also on:
  • Twitter - as @EdinburghLabour. Follow us to get the very latest info from the campaign, links to relevant stories and comments on emerging issues.
  • Facebook - at EdinburghLabour. Join the group to get full details of where we're campaigning, how you can get involved, and who you already know who's taking part.

On top of all that, many of our candidates have their own blogs and websites - and you can find links to their latest posts in the column on the right of every page. Look! →

A lot of candidates also have their own Twitter accounts, and you can find them easily on our People page, which also has links to background info on everyone.

And if you want any further info on anything, you can get in touch by email at movingedinburghforward@gmail.com.

So, please do join us on Facebook for details of where we are campaigning and how you can get involved; on Twitter for the latest updates; and do come back here regularly and we'll try to keep giving you more reasons to support Edinburgh Labour on 3rd May!

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